10 Best Ready Meal Boxes Delivering in London

With everyone sheltering at home, cooking every day for every meal has become the biggest task of our lives. There is a lot of planning and cooking going on and some of us might enjoy a break once in a while or need change. Home cooked comfort ready meal subscription services deliver you hearty, healthy recipes all boxed up and ready to heat and eat. From weekly to monthly subscriptions, they range from quick and delicious meals to reheat or cook from scratch. Veggie Option rounds up the best ready meal services that take the stress out of meal prep.





Allplants provides vegans with an interesting array of dishes. This includes healthy, super tasty and well garnished food subscription boxes delivered straight to your door. Allplants help you eat well without the hassle. Their chef-made meals are nutritionally balanced, made from 100% plants, with at least 2 of your 5-a-day packed into every dish. They deliver them frozen, direct from their kitchen to yours, for freshness, taste and convenience. Simply heat up and enjoy in minutes.






Potage has been delivering delicious, handmade meals across central London since 2012. You order online, by phone or their app anytime from up to three weeks in advance to the same day. Everything is handmade by Potage cooks in small batches, just as you would at home. All meals are delivered chilled; their hot pots can be stored in a fridge or freezer. All the meals can be delivered in either individual pots or large sharing platters. Potage will be making a donation to NHS Charities Together to support the amazing work the NHS staff and volunteers are doing right now.


Detox Kitchen



Detox Kitchen believes that the food we eat can have a powerful effect on our health. This is why their focus is on creating nutritious, wholesome food using good quality, seasonal ingredients cooked from scratch daily in their kitchen. Health-orientated ready meal box delivery service Detox Kitchen sends you three square meals a day, plus snacks, all wheat, dairy, and refined sugar-free and designed to leave you more energised and less stressed. Select from 10 meal plans in three categories: Cleanse, ranging from 1,000-1,500 calories in green, protein, vegan and green with protein varieties; Maintain, ranging from 1,500-2,000 calories in vegan and active varieties; and Flexi, in green, protein, vegan and green with protein.


The Pure Package



Whatever your health goal is, The Pure Package has got a meal plan for you. The Pure Package is all about your needs. Whether you wish to lose weight or increase your energy levels, The Pure Package takes away the need for you to plan, shop and cook the meals you require. They deliver your pre-prepared meals to your doorstep in the early hours of the morning. Each day, by 6am, a temperature controlled bag is left at your front door containing your daily quota of healthy food. So there’s no need to plan meals, go food shopping, weigh ingredients or count calories.





No need to cook from scratch. “Made by Farmdrop” is Farmdrop’s new range of healthy, simple and incredibly fresh handmade ready meals and convenience food. With every single ingredient sourced from their existing community of incredible farmers and producers and 100% plastic-free packaging, this is convenience food, with absolutely no compromise. Farmdrop works with more than 450 UK producers across the UK to provide honest ethically-sourced food, and the meals are delicious.


Spring Green



Meals from Spring Green are typically fairly colorful: The menus, designed by chef and founder Bonnie Stowell, are filled with plant-based options and include everything from rainbow rolls with chia crackers and grapefruit-ginger dip to pumpkin pasta with cashew and mushroom cream.





Delivered in insulated bags, Everdine’s frozen meals lock in nutrients and make for easily reheatable (and highly portable) meals. Sustainably sourced meats and fish are used throughout the menu, although there are vegetarian options like stuffed portobello mushrooms with goat cheese and beetroot and apple barley risotto.


Modern Persian Kitchen



Modern Persian Kitchen shows off the diversity of this Middle Eastern cuisine in its handy, ready to heat meals. Unlike most subscription boxes, the hard work here is already done for you, with the team having homemade each box before freezing and delivering it to you for perfectly fresh plates of food. As you might expect each recipe is rich with spices. Mains, stews, veggie and vegan mains are all on offer with a whole section of the site dedicated to rice sides to bulk out your meals with.





Kurami's ready meal delivery service is designed with the mission of providing gorgeous dishes that improve gut health while harnessing food's healing, nourishing potential. Choose from calorie-controlled or signature meal plans, and enjoy revitalising yourself with collagen broths and berry ball snacks. You can also order fruit and veg boxes for delivery.


Love Yourself



Love Yourself ready meal boxes are cooked by a Michelin-trained chef Michal Sinela and his team before being delivered to your home for you to heat up and enjoy. You can choose from a variety of delicious, calorie controlled diets including Balanced Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Performance Diet and Keto Diet. Each meal is balanced and nutritious.