3 Chic and Eco-Friendly Food Storage Solutions

On our journey to make planet-friendly changes in the kitchen, we find plastic bags and wraps are still too easy of a solution to store and seal nutrients and moisture in our food. Though, this convenience comes with a few problems, including polluting chemicals and waste.

We all know plastic is pretty bad, tends to be single-use and many well known brands don’t last forever. They end up in the trash, impossible to recycle. There’s very bad plastic and, not-as-bad plastic. The bad plastic releases the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) which is found in cling wrap, plastic water bottles, take-away food storage containers and plastic plates. The not-as-bad plastics do not release BPA and some are degradable.  

Going plastic-free is a better solution but a lot of people find it difficult to go all the way. There are a number of good chic options available, many of which you may want at home.


Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bag

Endlessly reusable, and non-toxic, silicon bags are a safe alternative to dirty plastic. Stasher has created a product to keep your food fresh and together (while keeping it out of the ocean). The line up includes tons of shapes, sizes, and colors and investing into a bundle is a good start. We are in love with the ‘stand up’ stasher which is perfect for bulk shoppers, coffee connoisseurs, and marinade masters. These products resist to microbes, absolutely airtight and totally leakproof. You can turn them inside out and wash on the top rack of your dishwasher! So, easy. For the keen cook, this product is safe to use for sous vide.



Bee’s Wrap

A foolproof way to store cheese, half eaten vegetables and bread in a completely airtight fashion is to wrap it tightly in cling-wrap as exposure to air is the real enemy of all food storage. Thankfully, Bee’s Wrap offers a sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap. It is made from organic cotton that has been covered in beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin - making a lost tradition new again. The outcome is a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap. You use the warmth of your hands to create a seal to wrap up any food or dish. It’s also simple to clean: Just wash it by hand with a little dish soap and cold water.

Bee's Wrap



For the zero waster: Vejibag is the high-end of strong, ethical, biodegradable produce bags in various sizes, designed to encourage you to ditch the plastic at the grocery store. Their organic cotton keeps the moisture-loving vegetables alive and crisp up to 2 weeks in a high humidity, breathable environment. More time to use what you buy cuts the waste you create and helps save on groceries.



The good news? Our kitchens are one of the easiest places to make positive, planet-friendly changes. So, let’s get going...