5 Plant and Health Focused Podcasts We Listen To

We enjoy listening to a good podcast while commuting to work, out for a run, cooking dinner or winding down in the evening. And it’ll come as no surprise that we like our podcasts plant, health and sustainability focused. Here's a list of 5 health podcasts that we've been listening to and why we like them.


Rich Roll Podcast

Hosted by plant-based ultra-athlete, Rich Roll, his podcast shares information on health and fitness along with inspiring messages and stories of other plant-based people, including athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and entertainers. We like that the content is varied and enjoy that the food and nutrition content is interspersed with inspiring stories of incredible people and the occasionally motivating messages are sometimes what we need on a cold, grey London day.


Food for Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan

Long-term vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcast address all aspects of eating plant-based, from exploring the meaning of veganism to looking more deeply at living compassionately and healthfully and reducing waste. Whilst tackling some of the philosophical issues, each episode also addresses some of the practical, more commonly asked questions about being vegan, including those regarding animal protection, food, cooking, eating, and nutrition. And we like that the content attempts to debunk some of the myths around veganism and forces us to examine our own ideas, choices and beliefs about plant-based living.


Plant Gourmet: Conversations with Chefs Creating the Finest Plant-based Cuisine

Host Rob Laing chats with leading US chefs about the challenges of conceptualising and executing plant-based dishes in a restaurants. The conversation is a bit chefy, but we like that, and still your average home cook will walk away with new ideas about how to think more inventively about cooking plant-based. Chef’s are US based so take that into consideration if you baffled by any names of ingredients or want to follow any of techniques or recipes.


Food for Thought by Rhiannon Lambert

Registered Nutritionist and Harley Street practitioner, Rhiannon Lambert gives accessible practical, evidenced-based advice on food and nutrition and the podcast features a range of health and fitness experts as well as celebrities known for their interest in health and wellness. Whilst, not strictly a plant-based podcast, we like this one for its easy to follow nutritional information, it’s non-judgemental approach to food choices and let’s face it, it’s fun listening to celeb share their personal stories.


The Plant Proof Podcast

Hosted by Simon Hill, Plant Proof Podcast is about connecting with like-minded and inspirational people to share their story, advice and experience on plant-based eating and living. From bodybuilders, to small businesses we hear about people’s decisions to live a plant-based life and the impact that it has had on their health, wellbeing, the environment and in some cases, the impact it has had on their careers. Episodes can seem a bit free-form at times, but there are some particularly enjoyable bit and episodes. We particularly enjoyed the episode on Inventive Cooking with Gaz Oakley.