5 Veggie Friendly Restaurants in East London

Have you just started dating a vegetarian? Or does your new year’s resolution involve cutting down meat? You don’t need to explain. We have been there, we understand - so here is our list of best vegan restaurants in East London.



This is food from Kerela where vegetarian comes naturally. The small and cosy Rasa N16 remains an old favourite for many and is one of the best known veggie restaurants in London. Great if you’re new to plant based eating and would like to experiment with spices. You won’t miss a meat. Share different dishes with a group and enjoy! 



Shoreditch cool, the clean and serene interior of Lyle’s is matched with meticulous ensembles of excellence. The kitchen are committed to seasonal, local ingredients and supporting UK producers. For a special occasion take a serious foodie for the  vegetarian tasting menu, and enjoy a gastronomic experience worthy of the hype.



Ottolenghi is a restaurant / deli where plant-based takes centre stage, and meat is the supporting act. If you are curious as to what vegetables might offer, start here. Union of spices, colours and traditions are captivating; the trademark aubergine is to die for. Choose one main dish with two or three sides for a true taste of high quality Jerusalem-side Med. Reasonably priced and great if you’re indecisive!



One for the health conscious - Andina is a menu packed with superfood ingredients and plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes, all clearly marked and it tastes good. Peruvian Andes a la Shoreditch. For a more formal setting, opt for Ceviche in Old Street.



Another Indian on our list. The food is consistently great and the vibe is very Wes Anderson in Dishoom. Vegan options are highlighted along with gluten-free choices so no-one need feel like the ‘difficult customer’. This is what we mean by optionality!