6 Best Vegan-Friendly Bakeries in London

Whether you are dairy-free, gluten-free or vegan, a while back it was a struggle to find sweets options matching your dietary requirements. Cupcakes, doughnuts, cakes and all the pastries often contain something dairy. Luckily, London now has amazing vegan bakeries to help your cravings. Here is our pick of the best vegan-friendly bakeries in London.





To begin with, we love the story of Violet. It is truly East London. Claire Ptak’s, the owner, started with a stall at Broadway Market, baking her scrumptious cakes home, before opening the cafe in 2010… She became world-wide famous by preparing Meghan and Harry’s gorgeous royal wedding cake. It's not just an accomplishment, you know it's passion. Lemon bars, scones with chamomile apricot, tahini-cardamom buns, vegan-agaves, salted caramel cupcakes. You crave, Claire bakes!  



Vida Bakery



It all started back in 2014 when co-founder Dani (coeliac and vegan) struggled to find sweets options matching her dietary needs. After research and professional/academic preparation, she managed to create and to adapt more than 50 recipes used in traditional baking to a vegan diet. The result; moist and delicious free-from cakes.

Partnering with Vane, they both started thinking on how to make those wonderful recipes into something everyone could eat and enjoy. Finally, in the summer of 2018, they opened the doors to their first shop and baking space in Brick Lane, East London. Since then they are serving their best cakes and cupcakes.



Cookies and Scream



This fully vegan and gluten free bakery is located in Holloway Road, north London. Their range of cookies, brownies, pies and donuts are made from the finest ingredients available.

Every product is dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free. Also on offer is a selection thick Scream Shakes, which can be made with one of the specially developed sauces blended with either a brownie or cookie.



Ms Cupcake



Ms. Cupcake is the UK’s first entirely vegan bakery and it has the naughtiest vegan cakes in town. From the shop located in Brixton you can purchase freshly baked cupcakes, cookies, squares, savouries, milkshakes and more!  They also stock vegan chocolates, vegan sweets and snacks, and their cookbook. Every product is 100% free from eggs, dairy and animal products.


Cupcakes and Shhht



Following the success of their well-known vegan bakery in Elephant and Castle, the duo behind Cupcakes and Shhht, have started their latest venture: ‘We Are Vegan Everything’ (WAVE). Since moving to Hackney, they have their café, where you can eat or buy things to-go, they cater at events and host workshops, and they specialize in wedding and bespoke celebration cakes. 


Nora & Nama



Nora and Nama is an independent artisan homemade vegan bakery, founded and managed by...well... Nora and Nama. 

Before Nora and Nama met, they were working separately to establish their own individual vegan businesses. While Nora worked intensely to bring her Plant-Based pastry, cakes and spreads to the vegan community and to the public, Nama was building her net of distributors by working with businesses and using the online platform.

Thanks to the massive demands for delicious, high-quality vegan products, the two finally opened their first Nora-and-Nama shop in the heart of Camden Market in London in November 2018. They bake and prepare all of their products onsite, and are determined to reach the hearts of as many (vegan and non-vegan) people as possible.