6 Vegetarian Cookbooks We’re Loving

While Veggie Option may be all about sharing the best places to eat out, we love to cook at home too. Nourishing yourself with a meal you’ve created from scratch is good for the mind as well as the body and there’s nothing more satisfying than feeding loved ones. Not all of our friends and family are vegetarian, but when we’re hosting, it gives us the perfect opportunity to let vegetables take centre stage and show our loved ones just how versatile, delicious and satisfying plant-based food can be! Everyone can do with a little kitchen inspiration sometimes, so here are 6 vegetarian cookbooks both old and new which we’re getting stuck into their vegetarian recipes.



Detox Kitchen Vegetables by Lily Simpson

The second cookbook from Lily focuses on all-veg dishes which are bold, bright and delicious. We love their deli on Mortimer Street for lunchtime salads and this cookbook includes some of our favourite dishes like spinach kitchari and beetroot and shallot fritters.



Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

We challenge you to name someone who does vegetables better than Ottolenghi. Don’t be put off by the extensive herbs and spices in the ingredients lists, it’ll be worth it once you’ve stocked your pantry and can bring any vegetable dish to life with a little seasoning.



Rosa's Thai Cafe: The Vegetarian Cookbook by Saiphin Moore

From humble beginnings as a street-food stall in Brick Lane to a successful restaurateur with 11 London openings under her belt, Saiphin knows a thing or two about Thai cuisine. We love this book because it still packs just as much of a punch as her meat and fish recipes.



The Modern Cook’s Year by Anna Jones

This gorgeous book is divided into six seasons and highlights the best of each of these. The desserts are as mouth-watering as the mains, too. Honey, lemon and coriander seed cake is a must try, perfect with a cup of tea!

Photo: papier.com



On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen by Jeremy Fox

This book is a true ode to vegetables. There are some really surprising pairings which make you rethink your entire approach to creating dishes and combining flavours.



Eat Happy by Melissa Hemsley

This colourful book is a joyous celebration of food, an ode to nourishing yourself and loved ones with fuss-free home cooking. While it’s not all-vegetarian, recipes are easily adaptable and we love how simple they are to follow. There’s something for everyone!