7 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become equal with consumerism. Disposable or unwanted gifts are in the stores and people spend tens of billions of pounds each year. You don’t need to throw your wallet out the window for Valentine’s Day. Give a chance to some of these eco-friendly gift ideas and show your love in a greener way.


Adopt an Animal with WWF

Our hearts were melting when Portia surprised Ellen with gift of a lifetime The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, one of the best birthday gifts ever. You don’t have to be a TV celebrity to gift life!

When you adopt an animal with WWF you are helping to fund their vital conservation work by making a regular payment from just £3.00 a month – that’s pretty much the cost of a cup of coffee. Choose from 14 animals to adopt, and show a loved one you care. Your adoption gift will help to protect animals and their habitat.


Give Fair-Trade / Organic Chocolate

As far as we are concerned, everyday should be celebrated with chocolate, but as it is Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical chocolate brands perfect for expressing your love via cocoa. From sustainably sourced, health-focused, fair-trade to organic cocoa and compostable packaging, here are 5 chocolate brands creating delicious bars whilst doing good. 


Take Your Date to a Locavore Restaurant

Locavore is a growing trend among both consumers and restaurants. It refers to a person or a place who chooses to consume food produced within a distance of less than 150 kilometers, and which is produced locally. If you favor restaurants who follow this philosophy, you can take your date out to Restaurant Story, Elliot’s, Riverford Field Kitchen, Duke of Cambridge, Silo and Rovi.


Potted Plants Make Great Gifts

The true cost of a Valentine’s bouquet can be pretty high. If you really want a green Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, consider the original green gift idea: The potted plant.


Wine for Two

For many, the idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is just sitting in a quiet, comfortable place, enjoying a delicious glass of wine with the one they love. Vegan Wine Company is the UK’s only vegan wine subscription club. Yes, you read that correctly, thanks to these guys, you can now get amazing vegan wines (and snacks!) delivered to your door. If you were after a good excuse to avoid going out this Valentine’s Day, here you go!


A Playlist Full of Love Songs

Going old school is the most heartwarming thing you can do for your loved ones, especially if you put a lot of thought into it. Why not make a mix of your favourite loved songs? Choose the songs you know your partner will love and make a Spotify playlist.


Botanical Garden Membership

Does your loved one live in a major metropolitan area? If so, a membership to the local botanical garden may be the perfect gift for them. Make the most of Kew Gardens with unlimited visits for you and your loved ones. Become a member or family member today or buy the perfect gift for someone special. With acres of extraordinary green space to explore and secrets to unearth, there is lots at Kew to keep you and your sweetheart entertained.