A Vegan Food Market Comes to Soho!

Clear your calendars, because this Saturday, central London got it’s very own vegan food market, right in the heart of Soho on Rupert Street run by Street Food Union. Doors open at 11am, just in time for brunch and close at 4pm each Saturday. As for what you can tuck in to, there’s all sorts of plant based goodness on offer, including flavours from Indian and Vietnamese cuisine, vegan desserts, donuts and raw cakes a plenty. We’re already drooling over the @sohoveganmarket Instagram!



Soho isn’t the first vegan food market in London, and we certainly hope it won’t be the last. Some of our other favourites are Brixton Vegan Market (monthly), Hackney Downs Vegan Market (weekly), Broadway Vegan Market (weekly), Vegan Nights (monthly) and Islington Vegan Market (first and third Sunday of each month). It is, however, the first time Rupert Street will have any stalls on Saturdays so will be interesting to see the vegan attraction. Recent research has found that up to 7% of Londoners are now vegan - that’s a pretty impressive figure. We’re hoping that this new opening marks a promising step in the right direction - bringing delicious, affordable and accessible vegan and vegetarian food to the city.