A Vegan Guide to London Fields

Gone are the days when veganism was reserved for peace-loving hippies, interest in a totally animal-free diet is at an all-time high. Veganism has skyrocketed in recent years, with more people than ever before choosing to enjoy a plant-based life. London Fields, the ever-changing urban patch in the east doesn’t need much introduction. It ranked the best neighbourhood in London’s Time Out’s City Index last year. With its green spaces, cool hang outs and weekly Broadway Market it is probably the most Instagrammed place on the planet right now. And the neighbourhood also has so many plant-based treasures up its sleeve. There’s plenty to see and do and with cafes, restaurants and shops popping up all the time, you’ll always discover something new. Whether you're a life-long vegan or just trying to cut the meat, the VeggieOption team have a few tried and tested places that make not eating meat or dairy exciting and delicious. Here's our insider guide to the best vegan-friendly London Fields.


Have breakfast at The Pride Kitchen

Initially called Salad Pride, Pride Kitchen started as a blog out of mere desire to have something healthy for lunch! It now has a temporary home in the trendy tea shop Tiosk on Broadway Market offering Londoners sustainable, healthy and filling plant based breakfasts. If you are hungry try for the charcoal buns. Cucumber spaghettis are refreshing but we keep going back for the probiotic all day brunch!


Buy your vegetables from Chegworth Valley

Well pretty much every shop in London Fields claims to be organic but we still opt for our trusted suppliers Chegworth Farm for our weekly dose of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Every Saturday on Broadway Market across the Tomato Stall.


Let Vadasz Deli heal your gut

Vadasz specializes in ferments & pickles all hand made using natural ingredients that are adapted from traditional Hungarian recipes. Pickles, especially Sauerkraut and Kimchi, are original value added food heroes. By far the best we have tasted in London.


Visit this neighbourhood pub with conscious

The Dove serves the finest beers available and have a wide rotating stock of Belgian, European, and World Beers always with a full range of Real Ales and guest ales from British micro-craft brewers. Dove believes that meatless dishes should not just be the typical veggie option. They even go so far as to aiming to have half their menu meatless.


Get inspired at Broadway Vegan Market

London’s first weekly vegan market, bringing together best of vegan street food and products. Don’t forget to give our favourite Eat Chay a try.


Take your date to The Field

A new plant-based restaurant recently opened up on Westgate St featuring a vegan tasting menu. But this one comes with a twist. Owners describe it as “plant-plus”; it’s a vegan menu with the option to add fish or meat to some of the courses. Well, as long as the veggies are the stars and meat is the side dish we are OK.


Best newcomer in town: Baba Souks

Inspired by the Levantine cuisine, Baba Souks' menu remains true to its region of shared plates and a wide palate embracing number of cultures in the east corner of the Mediterranean. Flatbreads are made from sourdough and pancakes are gluten free. Simple decor and seriously good wine makes this a weekend hit.