A Veggie-Friendly Guide to Lisbon

Earlier this month, we took a short break from London and chased the sunshine to Lisbon. With its ever growing culinary reputation, famously good value for money and great weather Lisbon has become one of our favorite cities in Europe. But was Lisbon all about seafood and custard tarts? Usually a city break involves a lot of walking around in search of cafes and shops loved by locals. In Lisbon, it seemed hard to avoid the tourists, but here is a list of vegetarian friendly recommendations.


1- Fabrica Coffee Roaster

This laid-back shop offers great coffee and pastel de nata with a passion for sustainability. Coffee is brought to your cup straight from the producer’s farms in Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala. Stop by if you are serious about your morning fix.


2- Fauna and Flora

Lisbon’s new trendy phenomenon, F&F puts health and natural at first. A long queue outside reminds us of East London with a tad bit more sunshine. We tried their Raw Bowl which is quite a filling dish of spiralized vegetables and Vegan Burger slider - well because burgers make the best breakfast. This is a place that does get crowded so try to get there early to pack up energy followed by a long walk to LX Factory.


3- LXFactory

An industrial complex turned into a mini-neighborhood of more than 200 businesses ranging from cafés, restaurants, design houses and showrooms. LXFactory is worth visiting just to appreciate one of the best makeovers in the city’s history.


4- Belcanto

José Avillez has six restaurants in Lisbon and is a central figure in the city’s gastronomy. This one has two Michelin stars and the tasting menu takes you on a cultural journey. We believe food is one of the best ways to discover a new culture. At Belcanto you will be artfully introduced to Portugal’s urban and rural landscape. It is pretty, creative and incredibly delicious. In a city where good vegan options are so rare to come by, why not take it up a notch and get 2-starred treatment.


5- A Taberna da Rua das Flores

A tiny tavern serving up some of Lisbon's most creative cooking. We were the first guests for lunch and we were immediately struck by its charming decor. Our waiter presented “today’s special” on a blackboard before us having the opportunity to say that we are vegetarians. “Not to worry” he said and brought a heart-warming soup with local cheese on the side. Vegetarians are safe here, but there isn't much on offer for vegans unfortunately.


6- Embaixada

A 19th century palace turned into a center for organic design and fashion. Worth visiting Organii, an eco-friendly shop for bio and fair trade products and natural clothes. Also also offers organic massage therapies in case you want to treat yourself.


7- TimeOut Market

We like the idea of bringing city’s best eateries under one roof. At TimeOut Market the vibe is great and we really wanted to love it. However, we couldn’t find enough options for vegetarians or vegans.