A Veggie World Food Tour in London

When’s the last time you met a Londoner actually from London? This is city where you’ll hear five different languages in one bus ride, and none of them will be tourists. It’s a fantastic place to be isn’t it? This ethnic diversity is what makes London’s foodie scene so unique; here the global spectrum of food is offered to you on a plate. And what’s more, the plant-forward revolution is gathering speed! It can be hard to know where to start when there’s so much going on. Well, here’s a short-list of vegetarian restaurants in London to launch your Grand Global Food Tour, (which you can do from the safety of your adopted city home…)


Spanish tapas at Copita

You may not have time to go to Spain but we are sure you can find a lunch or dinner time to stop by at Copita, Soho. For those who like to share their food, like us, this is a perfect place. Mushroom croquettes, crispy cauliflower & piquillo sauce, sweet potato, bravas sauce, alioli & peanuts. We like, we like, we like. 

Photo: Copita


Meatless Japanese sushi at Itadaki Zen

This is heaven for sushi loving vegans. Itadaki Zen reminds us that the ancient Japanese were appreciating plant-based eating long before the trendies of Notting Hill. All ingredients here are regarded as living things and treated with respect. The sushi is made with oriental herbs, seaweed, and wild plants - just pick any of the exquisite boxes and roll with it! 


French fine dining at Gauthier Soho

When a significant life moment occurs, worthy of recognition, that’s when you book a table at Gauthier, Soho. Exceptional ingredients delivered with excellence; this is fine vegetarian dining at its best. Executive chef Gerard Virolle invites all vegans and vegetarians to celebrate the special things life has in store for us all. 


British style veggie options at Rabbit

It’s Sunday, the Roast day! But you don’t want a roast. Instead we recommend Rabbit, where you’ll find a menu starting with endive, goats cheese mousse, pear and for the main dish you get a delicious beetroot remoulade plate. Enough to make the meat kids green with envy. 


Honey & Co, food from the Middle East

We know, you love your falafel, humus, llabaneh. Soooo call your friends for a get together and make sure you book a table at Honey & Co. They make everything we like, but somehow that little bit better. Labaneh with butternut squash, currants, red pepper & pistachios; spiced cinnamon & squash falafel with winter tomato & citrus salad, silan & tahini; roasted mauve aubergines with a BBQ tahini crust, jeweled rice salad & lime. We got hungry while writing so maybe we’ll see you there tonight? 


South India with London postcodes at Sagar Vegetarian

It’s samosas, vegetable kebabs, pappadams, puris, dosas, dals. The Sagar vegetarian restaurants have everything you crave from Indian cooking, and live by every principle you admire in plant-based cuisine.