Best Fresh Produce Boxes Right to Your Door

As the lockdowns in the UK continue, Veggie Option rounds up the very best food delivery services that will deliver seasonal organic, freshly picked vegetables and fruits direct to your door. When you can’t make it to the grocery, let London’s top-quality fruit and vegetables come to you.





One of the longest-running veg box suppliers (they’ve been going since 1993) and over 72% of produce is British grown and is 100% organic. Riverford also has a 100% UK box, which means that customers will get a better sense of what is in season and homegrown. We like the variety on offer, that all fruit & veg is organic, that their veg boxes use 82% less packaging when compared to supermarkets. They set boxes packed with the best organic food to suit your needs.





A fruit and vegetable box Oddbox is heralded as produce vigilantes, rescuing misshapen vegetables from farms where much of which would have either been ploughed back into fields or designated as animal feed, simply for being a bit wonky. The idea is to reduce food waste at the farm level and to fight food poverty because up to 10% of the rescued produce is donated to charities such as City Harvest. They deliver all across London, and it’s worth signing up to the mailing list because they are rapidly expanding their offering across the UK. If you love a carrot with legs, fancy your courgettes curvy or aren’t phased by a pepper with ‘ears’ then give Oddbox a go.


Chegworth Valley



Chegworth Valley is a family-run fruit farm established in the beautiful Kent countryside in 1983. The fruit is hand-selected and pressed in small batches, often within hours of picking. The juices are then gently pasteurised to retain the nutritional properties and flavour of the fruit. The range includes a wide selection of single varietal and blended fruit juices, including raspberry, strawberry, wild elderflower, rhubarb & beetroot.

Famous mainly for its apple and pear juices, in recent years the farm has seen rapid expansion to now include an extensive range of top and soft fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs available seasonally.





Daylesford is proud to be one of the most sustainable farms in the UK. They farm, grow, produce and sell food according to sustainable principles, and in harmony with the environment.

If you live near their farm shops in London or the Cotswolds, they can do your shopping for you and arrange for it to be packed up and sent to your door via Daylesford Delivered service. Choose anything from their farm shop shelves – from fresh fruit and vegetables to organic cheese and artisan bread & pastries.

If you don’t live near their farm shops, don’t worry – you can still place orders via their online shop for home delivery to addresses throughout the UK. If you live in London, you also use Deliveroo for deliveries of Daylesford groceries and food-to-go items.


Farmaround Organic



Set up in 1994, Farmaround is one of London’s first organic veg box schemes. It also boasts an ethical fashion label called Izzy Lane, using wool from rescue sheep and Hen Nation, who supply eggs from rescued hens. Each week you can check bag contents online and customise. We love that the vegetable availability changes seasonally and comes in recyclable bags and that everything is plastic-free.




At Greens, produce starts out in fields, orchards, and farms all around the world. Whether bright courgette flowers from Holland, crisp Italian apples, a wide variety of sweet and spicy peppers from sunny Spain, or the best fine beans all the way from Kenya; the team personally choose each box of produce to guarantee quality and freshness, as well as other specifications you may require.

​​​They supply the finest fruit and vegetables, as well as dairy products and frozen foods, delivering seasonal produce straight to your door in recyclable cardboard boxes. Deliveries are everywhere in zones 1-6.





Vincenzo personally sources the majority of the products from various regions around Italy and France, mostly importing directly from ethical growers and producers. All orders are sourced and chosen by the Vincenzo team to ensure only the best quality is delivered straight to your door. Contents may vary depending on availability and more than enough to feed 2-4 people for a week. Deliveries are everywhere within the M25. Next-day delivery for orders placed before 6pm.