8 Best Recipe Boxes Delivering in London

Are you afraid of going to the supermarkets? Do you hate meal planning? Are you lacking confidence in the kitchen? If one of these questions is a big yes to you, then recipe boxes could be a life-changer.

The ingredients in recipe boxes come in with the exact quantities you’ll need, so there’s no food waste. For days when inspiration is lacking, there’s nothing better than having someone else put a menu together for you. And, if you’re struggling to fit cooking fresh meals every day, getting yourself a subscription recipe box could make you a lot healthier.

These are our favourite UK wide recipe boxes to help you cook restaurant-quality food at home.


Simply Cook




SimplyCook, showcasing the best of global cuisines in simple steps, is the ultimate convenience! Cooking takes around 20 minutes, and the items you have to add are easily accessible. SimplyCook boxes contain 4 easy to follow recipes and 4 ingredient kits. Each kit is designed to provide perfect taste containing ingredient blends devised by professional chefs.



Hello Fresh




Hello Fresh was first launched in 2012 by lawyer-turned-chef-turned-food-delivery-service-owner Patrick Drake, who gave up his nine to five office job to follow his passion for food. As one of the UK's leading recipe box services, Hello Fresh serves boxes of dinners a month from the weekly menu of ever-changing recipes. It's all very flexible – choose as many or as little meals as you'd like for as many or as little mouths. The recipe cards are clear and concise, and most of the ingredients are measured out for you. Why wait? Get 35% off your first four boxes! Spend less time shopping and cut food waste, while enjoying delicious meals every week! Use the code HELLO35OFF4 here







Gousto was one of the big players when home recipe boxes first launched in the UK back in 2012. The premise was simple: deliver everything you'd need to make a delicious, nutritious meal at home to your door, ingredients weighed, ready to go. Now, you can choose from 40 recipes a week, which is a lot more than the other recipe boxes. Gousto has also cut its plastic use in half over the last year. This little box has a lot to give!


Mindful Chef




Mindful Chef, launched in 2015 by Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries, is a healthy recipe box delivery service designed to make eating well easier for Londoners. Each recipe and ingredient used is scrutinized by Mindful Chef co-founder, personal trainer and nutritional coach Myles Hopper, who works closely with reputable nutritionists and chefs to create varied, balanced recipes with simple-to-follow instructions. For every meal you buy, they donate a school meal to a child in poverty.



Riverford Organic




Riverford is known for its fresh produce veggie boxes. There are, of course, recipe boxes too.

If eating organic food is important to you then Riverford could be the answer when it comes to a recipe box that suits your lifestyle. Riverford came up with a slightly fancier foodie-focused offering with recipes that are still family-friendly. Each week the Riverford team comes up with 15 seasonal recipes that are created using fresh, organic produce. You’re able to pick as many recipes as you like.



Detox Kitchen




Health-orientated recipe box delivery service Detox Kitchen sends you three square meals a day, plus snacks, all wheat, dairy, and refined sugar-free and designed to leave you more energised and less stressed. Select from 10 meal plans in three categories: Cleanse, ranging from 1,000-1,500 calories in green, protein, vegan and green with protein varieties; Maintain, ranging from 1,500-2,000 calories in vegan and active varieties; and Flexi, in green, protein, vegan and green with protein. 


Pasta Evangelists




Pasta Evangelists’ letterbox-friendly parcel gets posted through your door, containing two different fresh pasta recipes. You can choose from 10 different recipes each week, and you can also get next-day delivery.

They serve pasta lovers across the British Isles, from the Highlands of Scotland to sunny Brighton. They deliver their fresh pasta, sauces & garnishes in insulated packaging alongside chilled ice packs, meaning it’s not a problem if you’re not home for delivery your food will stay cool and fresh until you’re back. Once you receive your dishes, they’ll keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. Alternatively, freeze for up to 1 month & cook directly from frozen.


Little Cooks Co




If you have mini cooks in your family, then Little Cooks Co is the answer to letting them loose in the kitchen. Hours of healthy cooking fun for children in one happy little box which includes:

  • All the dry organic ingredients to cook healthy, tasty bakes
  • Easy to follow recipes with step-by-step instructions
  • Additional child-friendly recipes for family meals
  • Collectible stickers
  • Table talk cards to spark fun and laughter at the dinner table
  • Fun activities, games, and extras

Everyone’s first kit will include an annual record book so that little cooks can record their fun, learning, and stickers. Every 3 months your little cook will progress to a new level, earning a badge and certificate at each stage.

Choose from 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plans, starting at £8.33 per month with free shipping on all orders.