Veganuary Is Coming! Best Veganuary 2019 Offers

Veganuary - the ‘try vegan in January’ campaign - has been growing with popularity since its launch in 2014. With Veganuary 2019 in full swing, we talked to restaurants, cafes and stores on how they plan to support. You can start anytime during January and keep it on for 30 days. As veganism is currently the highest growing lifestyle in the UK, ditching meat, dairy and eggs for a month is not as hard as it seems. Forget January blues, this year should be all about trying something to “feel good”. Whether or not you plan to participate for a full month,  we have rounded up some great reasons to go vegan in January.


Handmade Burger Co

To many, January means a healthy start to the year. We know how difficult it gets during these dark and cold winter days while you crave for your comfort food. What if we tell you an unplanned splurge on a burger isn't going to totally kill your diet? Handmade Burger Co will be our popular choice due to their six vegan burgers (yes, six!) and the choice of chips. These guys know how to keep a vegan happy! Handmade Burger Co state that: “Our veggie burgers are made from only the freshest and finest ingredients and all of our vegan burgers are registered with The Vegan Society.


Yo! Sushi

When we think of “sushi”, plant-based eating doesn’t necessarily spring to mind straight away. So its a delight that YO! Sushi have a special offer running to coincide with Veganuary 2019: If you have a 2019 New Year’s resolution, Make it or Break it at YO! with 40 dishes available for only £3 this January, including 16 which are vegetarian or vegan. This is an ambitious undertaking by the sushi chain. We salute!


The Plant Hub

Try London's newest plant-based culinary academy and venue, The Plant Hub, opening this week in East London! Plant Hub aims to inspire a passion for plants and some of our favorite people like Lauren Lovatt is behind this project. We will be at the launch and hope you can join us as well.


Le Pain Quotidien

If dry January is not your cup of tea and you looking for something which is beneficial for yourself and for the environment too, Veganuary is a perfect choice. Start your day at Le Pain Quotidien with a vegan blueberry muffin or sit down with a basket of our fresh, organic bread and try Noir, dark chocolate spread that is vegan just like all their organic jams. If you looking for something healthier give a go to Turmeric Chai latte with plant milk and energize with our vegan detox bowl. With creamy coconut yoghurt, super seeds and banana it is one of the most popular breakfast order within non-vegans too.



South Asia is the centre of the veggie universe. While there is an array of new-found cooking online, there is no other cuisine matches the subcontinent’s scale and variety of vegetarian cookery, and a good deal of it is vegan. In London there are many so-called Indian restaurants but look for southern and vegetarian Indian restaurants where you will be spoilt for choice. You cannot go wrong. For our all time favorite, visit Rasa in Stoke Newington. If you still have energy (and the money) to celebrate in January, Gymkhana or Cinnamon Bazaar are for special occasions.