A Vegan Oasis in Cote D'Azur: Caju Vegan

We knew, even before entering through its doors, that there is an amazing story behind this place. On one of the narrow streets of Nice’s Old Town, we visit Caju Vegan for a chilled and light lunch. Its super cute owners, Callie& Julien, of this cantine & juicery greet you with the wildest smile on their faces. They are genuinely interested in you, not just who you are or where you are from. After all, It’s the people that matter. Within 10 seconds we know a lot about them. That they are a couple with the wildest spirits, biggest hearts, the courage and dreams that would top an entire village. We learn that they are serial entrepreneurs moving from country to country for another project. We are sadly told that they have now handed over Caju. Next project, a boutique hotel in Portugal. Watch this couple!