Product of The Week: Cox & Co Chocolate

This week we are bringing you super-food, sustainable chocolate from the newly launched Cox & Co, a range of single-origin, farm-to-bar chocolate bars. Each bar is made with high quality cacao with the added bonus of superfood ingredients like bee pollen, chia seeds and cacao nibs. How’s that for super food? Cox & Co founder, Gavin Cox spent a lot time in South America trying to find the finest, ethically and sustainably produced cacao, which led him to the CasaLuker, an estate in Colombia. CasaLuker invests in its farmers and communities and has developed environmental farming methods, which means that Cox & Co’s  cacao is traceable and also tastes incredible. Cox & Co have developed a range of chocolate bars that not only feature fantastic natural flavour combinations, but have also created a bar of chocolate that you can feel good about buying. The bars can be ordered in boxes of 10 and are available in four superfood flavours: Bee Pollen & Honey, Coconut & Chia, Raw Cacao Nibs and Single Origin Pure Cacao.