Busaba Chelsea


The Busaba Chelsea restaurant is the flower of South West London. Situated on the infamous Kings Road, Chelsea has a slightly more neighbourhood vibe, without the sharing tables of their Central London sites.

Serving Thai fusion cuisine, this spot is great for those craving Thai classics as well as wanting to try some unique dishes. Busaba has a special vegetarian &amp, vegan menu with a variety of options. The Pad Thai Jay is a popular dish and the pumpkin green curry is perfect for a warming meal. The affordable dishes are served in a communal seating arrangement which makes Busaba perfect for a casual date or dinner with friends.

The team in Chelsea have some top recommendations for how to experience the full range of Busaba flavours, and have some great cocktails for you to enjoy. Be sure to book however, as places fill up fast.



When to go

Lunch, Dinner

Go with

Date, Friends, Big Group

What you are in the mood for

Quick Bite, Casual

To go or Not to go

If you’re ever in the mood for Thai food, definitely go to Busaba. There are plenty of veggie and vegan options here so you’ll be able to try something new every time you go. It does get very busy so you might need to wait a little while but the atmosphere makes up for it. The communal seating might not be everyones taste though, so just keep in mind that you could be seated next to anyone.


358 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UZ


020 7349 5488

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