Caravan City


Caravan City is a multi-terraced all-day dining restaurant, coffee and cocktail bar with a flexible working & events space. The menus combine signature favourites with new creations, showcasing flavours from around the world, inspired by a lifetime of travel.

This Australian joint is a goldmine for all day vegetarian fare. Aussie cuisine is known for its celebratory global fusion and Caravan has that party-spirit in heaps. Combining vibrant world influences, flavours, and ingredients, the vegetarian dishes are enough to entice committed meat-eaters to the 'V' side. It’s a shame that vegan it's eastily accommodated here (eggs are a feature heavily). But we’re hoping the team, who are committed to sustainability, extend their repetoire in the vegan direction.



When to go

Breakfast / Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

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Family, Kids, Friends

What you are in the mood for


To go or Not to go

Best for breakfast and brunch, though all-day dining here is also delish. Caravan is famed for its own roasted coffee and charm. When you’re in the mood for a casual bite and a quality caffeine fix, take friends, relax with your partner, or just a date with the newspaper. It’s good value, good mood food. No bookings taken for weekend brunch, but it’s not that kind of place. Go!


22 Bloomberg Arcade, London, EC4N 8AR


020 3957 5555

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