City Caphe


In 1978, the Vu family were fortunate enough to come to the UK on a refugee boat. Together with fellow refugees, they set the foundations of today’s Vietnamese community in London. They catered weekly at social events and everyone loved their food as it was a taste of home in a foreign country.

Fast forward 4 decades, they opened City Caphe in 2010 and started serving their traditional Vietnamese food right in the heart of the City of London to busy City workers. The Vietnamese aunties in the kitchen at City Caphe met all those years ago in the Vietnamese community. They prepare all the food from scratch and cook everything on their menu onsite.

In 2017, their sister cafe Moi An opened in Fetter Lane serving the same delicious lightly spiced noodle soups (pho), tasty Hôi An style lemongrass tofu baguettes (banh mi), vermicelli salads, rice dishes and spring rolls. Plant-based options (clearly marked as vegan and vegetarian) are excellent, light on the stomach and full of fresh herbs and spices.



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Perfect for a cheap and cheerful quick bite or takeaway. At lunchtime, expect to see a line of busy City workers at the door; but don’t worry the staff are super efficient and the line will move quite quickly.

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