Granger & Co Clerkenwell


This all-day dining venue is about sunny, healthy food, and exhibits plant-forward originality (the Japanese brunch bowl is vegan-dreamy). Creativity and ethics are commendable. But in the British sense of the word, the food here is fine - not exceptional, not terrible.



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Breakfast / Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

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Family, Kids, Friends

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To go or Not to go

Granger & Co. is located just opposite Clerkenwell Green. This beautiful open space has been well preserved since its creation over 500 years ago. The space offers customers and residents the opportunity to relax and absorb the historic surroundings.

Granger and Co is located close to Farringdon station where links to London Underground and National Rail are available.

If the truth be told, it’s a bit of a mystery how brunching at their Notting Hill branch became a bucket list entry. Should you happen to be passing on the rare occasion there isn’t a queue, this a good choice for a casual, nutritional eating. Take a trendy friend for brunch if you’re prepared to pay £5.50 for a coconut water. Note that Clerkenwell is good for lunch, especially as it’s the only branch taking bookings.


Clerkenwell Green, 50 Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0HA


+44 20 7251 9032

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