Selin Kiazim, the very talented chef behind Oklava, opened her second restaurant in Fitzrovia showing London how Turkish food is more than just kebabs! The menu offers traditional (and homely) dishes refined and adapted for Londoners. Two pasta dishes are highlighted on the menu - "manti" and a vegetarian option "eriste". There is a lot of history behind these dishes says Selin, 'many countries have their own way of making pasta or dumplings'.

We loved how all that history is presented in a very modern way at Kyseri and the menu is full of real show stoppers. Cypriot hellim loaf and Black Sea fondue is probably one of the best combinations we have come across in a long time. Culturally speaking, Cyprus and Black Sea region are perhaps on the two opposite ends and putting this dish together simply is a sign of genius. Celeriac and preserved mandarin with sunflower seeds and coriander was a real delight but needed a bit of a kick. Eriste was really well prepared with Tulum cheese and was salty, nutty and slurpy.

It was a wonderful experience dining at this restaurant, for its young and modern vibe, interesting wine list and lovely staff. But sadly, the menu didn't satisfy with its vegetarian and vegan options. How amazing it would be if we could try a vegetarian version of that manti!


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To go or Not to go
We say vegetarians should go just to try the Cypriot loaf and Black Sea fondue. We applaud the young and talented chef for taking her traditional cuisine to another level. But sadly, for our vegan friends, there is not much on offer here.

64 Grafton Way, Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 5DN


020 7383 3717

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