Marksman Pub

An excellent gastro pub in East London with excellent decor and excellent food. Yes, we used excellent three times in one sentence and this doesn't happen often. Whether you want to call it a restaurant that looks like a pub or a pub that is worth traveling for, Marksman will deliver on its promise. This award winning East London pub, has the options fairly spread on their menu; there is fish, red meat and vegetarian options in every section and even their Sunday roast comes with a vegetarian option which is rare for many pubs. Vegan options are available, if required. We are so addicted to their food that even if we are there just for a pint, we keep ordering pickles.

British Modern

When to go

Lunch, Dinner

Go with

Family, Date, Friends, Big Group

What you are in the mood for

Trendy, Casual

To go or Not to go
This pub is worth traveling for. You will love it, your grandma, your friends will love it! Don't let the menu or St John background of the chefs scare you. The kitchen will inspire your plant-powered ambitions.

254 Hackney Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 7SJ


0207 739 7393

Marksman Pub Open Hours