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East London has long been experiencing the promise as well as peril of gentrification and now streets such as Prichard’s Road are turning into a ‘destination’. Known for being the location for Boiler Room’s headquarters, Prichard’s Road which is not particularly pretty nor special connects two of Hackney’s most popular streets - Columbia Road Flower Market and Broadway Market. In a short period of time, it has welcomed Mama Shelter London and Ozone Coffee’s new joint and as a result is now more frequently visited than before.

Ozone Coffee roasters has been impressing the Londoner’s since they opened their Shoreditch location in 2012. True to its New Zealand roots, coffee is at the center of everything. Sourced directly from the growers, coffee served here comes with a feel good story. 

Their new space is located inside a light and bright warehouse featuring plywood interiors perfect a quintessential East London look. There also is a small shop where you could buy bags of coffee, magazines and select products, including reusable coffee cups.

Many prefer Ozone for its all day brunch which has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options but we enjoy the small plates and pizza offered on its dinner menu. Mushrooms on toast which is served with spicy chilly peppers and pickled onion is worth a try.

Above and beyond, Ozone Coffee has strong sustainability commitments. 100% of food is sustainably sourced and only seasonal food from within the country is served. In their philosophy, all the hard work done in sourcing sustainably means nothing if they’re not looking after the other end of the products journey - waste. 50% of all dishes contain byproduct that would otherwise hit the bin. Every year, 17 tonnes of organic waste (including coffee grounds) are sent to aerobic digesters, which in turn produce energy for the grid, bio-fuels and fertilisers to encourage a circular economy.


British Modern

When to go

Breakfast / Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

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Family, Kids, Friends, Big Group

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Trendy, Quick Bite, Casual

To go or Not to go

Great coffee and all day breakfast. One of the most environmentally conscious menus you can come across in town. 


Emma Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9AP


+44 (0)207 490 1039

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