Fine dining has always been synonymous with a sort of etiquette. White table cloths, black tie, a sense of formality rather than an experience. What we like immediately about Pidgin is its fresh and beautifully plain approach to fine dining. As a cosy restaurant in London Fields with a compact menu, there is no room for theatratics. Pidgin’s offers a tasting menu that combines seasonal produce with Asian flavours. A pleasant experience but we thought the vegetarian tasting menu lacked central focus on vegetables. It was a mere effort to turn its meat alternative into a veggie option which sadly does not always work.

British Modern

When to go

Lunch, Dinner

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Date, Friends

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Fine Dining, Trendy, Romantic

To go or Not to go
We say go with your date as this is as cosy and as it gets. Food sadly is not a bold creative take on plant-based eating but they still win our points for the quality and setting. We think it is a kind of a nice treat and almost exclusive to those who live in the neighbourhood. If getting to London Fields is a pain, you may want try their new outlet Magpie in central London.

52 Wilton Way, London Fields, London, E8 1BG




020 7254 8311

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