Pipel proudly claims to be the legacy of beloved Grandpa Zion’s falafel recipe, first perfected back in Israel 60 years ago. We don’t mind if Grandpa’s legend has been romanticised, this really is the best falafel in town. The schtick here is that healthy food can be comforting and delicious. Optionality is the USP: choose between pitta or container, and the infinite combinations of hummus, salads, boiled eggs and toppings. Falafel with avocado is an unexpected delight. The website’s nutritional calculator is a neat trick, and with the flexibility of the menu, veggies, vegans, and gluten-avoiders can all find something to fill the gap.  

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Great for a filling, guilt-free working lunch in the City, or for a casual, healthy pit-stop as you potter around Spitalfields. At £6 for generous portions of yummy, this certainly won’t break the bank.

38 Brushfield St, Spitalfields, London, E1 6AT


+44 20 7952 5768

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