Pret a Manger


We want more Veggie Pret! Pret is the first ever major food chain to open a vegetarian-only shop in London. Several more V Prets have opened since the Soho original, each with a good selection of veggie, vegan and healthy options. This makes Pret the best plant-forward option on the high street. Recipes are now available on their website with full nutritional facts - clearly they’re in tune with the revolution of self-care and optionality. While their commitment to sustainable farming is far more than mere PR, we were pretty surprised to read that their promise of all-natural food which is fully free from 'obscure chemicals and additives' doesn't quite extend to their bread. Newspaper 'The Guardian' found Pret's bread to include artificial additives and E numbers - not ideal, so we'll be sticking to their tasty salads, soups and grain bowls.


Healthy, Vegetarian / Vegan

When to go


Go with

Family, Kids, Friends

What you are in the mood for

Quick Bite, Casual

To go or Not to go

Go! Vegan, vegetarian or otherwise, you high-street chain regulars should spend your money here. Good for a healthy, ethical lunch on-the-go. Choose from plenty of vegetarian sandwiches, vegan hot dishes and soups (tagine, vegan mac, bean & avocado power pot, to name but a few).


21 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London , EC1R 4QB



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