Restaurant Ours


Located in a former warehouse and decorated for savvy instagrammers, Restaurant Ours is very stereotypically West London - good looking, manicured and plays safe. It’s menu is a bit of everything and includes a separate carb-heavy vegetarian and vegan section offering plenty of options to choose from like tortellini with mushrooms and Beyond Meat ragout. 

Trees, plants and living walls take centre stage at Restaurant Ours and it seems to be a good space for group celebrations, birthday parties and a loud date but not if you or your group is after a culinary experience.


British Modern

When to go


Go with

Date, Big Group, Colleagues

What you are in the mood for

Celebration, Romantic

To go or Not to go

Go if you are hungry for some Instagram shots and want to be seen in a wealthy West London fashion. 


264 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 2AS


0207 100 2200

Restaurant Ours Open Hours