You might have realized from some of our earlier reviews that we are extremely picky when it comes to Greek or Turkish food. We are biased when it comes to decent healthy vegetarian food from east of the Mediterranean or our native Anatolia. We believe there is no better feast than sharing three or four really good vegetarian mezzes with friends. From late night ‘kebap’ shops of Dalston to upmarket Greek restaurants we searched all across London for the past decade to only find food that doesn’t even remotely resemble what we left behind. As a result we declared our home the best Turkish restaurant in town… Things have recently started to change with a new wave of Turkish restaurants popping up in town, bringing creativity and certainly sophistication to the scene. Ruya is the newest joiner to London’s mezze movement and is by far the most affluent. Situated in Mayfair, Ruya is a tastefully decorated restaurant with a gorgeous bar. We were presented with a separate vegetarian menu which featured a delicious manti. The black sea pide was top notch but hardly justifies the £15 price tag. The isli patlican and wild mushrooms were good but not outstanding. Ruya seems to have perfected the great recipe for a place to be seen but food comes secondary.


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Date, Friends

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Fine Dining, Business

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Go for a business lunch or if you are keen to impress. You will get a glimpse of Turkish hospitality and Istanbul style living with a Mayfair price tag.

3 Upper Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 7PH


+44 (0)203 848 6710

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