Sake no Hana


While all the major food critic sites have given this upscale Japanese eatery between 4 and 4.5 stars, we're going with 1. We were excited to try the veggie sushi and opted for the signature veggie tasting menu. Tasting menus give you a feel for the chef's imagination, it's their chance to show off a bit and for this reason, we love sampling several recommended dishes. Sadly, though, we were disappointed with the spread at Sake no Hana. First came the Hassan plate, four entree style dishes of avocado tartare, sesame spinach, aubergine with fresh fig and tofu skewers with miso. It was a solid effort, but majorly lacking in flavour. Then, a beautiful-looking plate of organic fresh seaweed with yuzu dressing. Again, not much in the taste department. Teriyaki tofu with vegetable tempura and the vegetarian sushi followed. They were unremarkable and left our high hopes slightly deflated.



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Overall, this isn't a great experience, nor is it worth the pricey food bill. It's not often we have a plate of veggie sushi put in front of us that we don't finish and sadly at Sake no Hana, it was a first.

23 St James's St, St. James's, London, SW1A 1HA


020 7925 8988

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