Sambal Shiok


Sambal Shiok is a Malaysian laksa (spicy noodle soup) bar which is suitable for both vegetarians and meat eaters. The menu is mainly laksa based and the ingredients can be modified by the customer.

Mandy Yin is one of the few Malaysian chef/owners in the UK, having founded Sambal Shiok in London in 2013. She is a Malaysian-born Chinese of Peranakan Nyonya heritage. She takes inspiration from everything she ate in her childhood growing up in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 

The menu is created with a healthy, balanced diet in mind. There are always lighter dishes where vegetables are the star. Their gado gado salad is a textural dream. Fresh crunchy vegetables, pickles, peanut sauce and cassava chips! The Vegan Special Laksa is alsa worth trying.

They do not use any straws on site and do not offer any takeaway at all as they are trying to reduce packaging waste (plastics especially).



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Family, Friends, Big Group

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Definitely go and try their delicious vegan gado gado salad and vegan special laksa. Good time guaranteed.

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