Named after the futuristic-looking vertical feature that was a symbol of the Festival of Britain in 1951, Skylon is a perfectly housed fine-dining experience in London’s Southbank. In a 16 acres area offering cultural activities 364 days of the year and probably with the highest footfall in London, Southbank and the surrounding Waterloo neighbourhood shockingly disappoints culinary enthusiasts. The real attraction of Skylon is its floor to ceiling view of the River Thames. Seasonal British cooking is the focus of its relaxed yet sophisticated menu. As carefully considerate for all diets, usual vegetarian options such as a risotto or pasta will be available.

British Modern

When to go

Lunch, Dinner

Go with

Family, Date, Friends

What you are in the mood for

Fine Dining, Celebration, Business

To go or Not to go
Go for a pre-theatre treat if you are in the mood for something other than chain restaurants or food trucks. Skylon is a bit old school for our taste but also is the only non-tourist trap in the immediate area.

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London, SE1 8XX


020 7654 7800

Skylon Open Hours