Temple of Seitan


A fried chicken shop in Hackney. For Vegans. Yes, really. And it's the first in the world,apparently. Authentic chicken shop decor (not necessarily something to boast about!), tastefully accessorised with a long queue of hipsters. The unmistakable taste of chicken is usually the last thing we would crave, but we have to admit this is fun-- and at £6 for a “chicken” burger (made from seitan) combined with coconut cheese, excellent coleslaw and chipotle mayo, and all completely vegan it was pretty enjoyable. Initially we struggled to fit the idea of deep-fried naughtiness into our view of healthy eating for a healthy planet. Then we remembered that having options means having a choice, and chosing to eat fried 'chicken' on occasion is very much an exercise in choice. 


Vegetarian / Vegan

When to go

Lunch, Dinner

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What you are in the mood for

Quick Bite, Casual

To go or Not to go

Best as a fast-food fix, when only cheap and greasy will do. Queue up with your trendy mate and your fuzzy head - vegans have hangovers too you know. Go for the ideal alliance of cravings and ethics.

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