The Athenian White City

The Athenian is a mini-chain pleasing the busy Londoners in various street food markets since 2014 with their simple, fresh and authentically Greek street food. We have been in love with their vegetarian handmade Halloumi Souvlaki for a while. They now feature four non-meat options in their small menu including a signature Vegan Gyros souvlaki that took several years to perfect and a Grilled Mushrooms with gyros marinade souvlaki. Wraps here cost a mere £5 and are based on recipes from the mountain village of Vamos on the island of Crete.


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If you come across The Athenian in one of the street markets do give it a try. These wraps do the services when it comes to quick and budget eating without sacrificing freshness and flavour.

White City Place Unit 5, Wood Lane, White City , W12 7TU

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