The Clove Club


Opened in 2013 in Shoreditch Town Hall, Clove Club offers a full or slightly abridged tasting menu that highlights the best of British produce. Their top-end, creative dining has carved a global reputation for Daniel Willis, Isaac Mchale and Johnny Smith’s “relaxed” blue-tiled restaurant. The Clove Club serves a five-course or ten-course tasting menu with wine or ambient tea pairing. 

The Clove Club’s interpretation of ‘modern British’ is incredibly creative, with fresh produce from all over the UK that puts forward natural flavours and playfully mingle with tradition. Every plate is a state of the art. Their forward-thinking and real-care also reflect on the experience offered to vegetarians. 

In London’s ever evolving fine-dining scene, vegetarians are able to become more selective with prices ranging for plant-based tasting menus from £55 to £150 per head. The Clove Club offers a great laid-back tasting menu but with a hefty price. We root for its creativity and the unpretentious experience. We consider this a one-off experience, not one to be frequently revisited.


British Modern

When to go

Lunch, Dinner

Go with

Family, Friends, Colleagues

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Fine Dining, Business

To go or Not to go

If you have the bucks to splurge and want to have a World’s 50-best experience, The Clove Club is the highest entrant from the UK on the list. One to consider for a special occasion.


Shoreditch Town Hall 38 Old Street, London , EC1V 9LT


+44 (0) 20 7729 6496

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