403-405 New Cross Road, London SE14 6LA, UK
387 New Cross Road England SE14 6LA GB

A new industrial style bar in New Cross that focuses on craft beer and Turkish pide. We have been waiting for this Anatolian pizza-like deliciousness to hit London’s culinary scene for a long time. Babaji in Soho had a short-lived attempt at bringing pide to the masses and Yamabahce in St Christopher’s Square is still carrying the flag. But combining it with craft beer and crafty interiors in New Cross is, well, much cooler.

The food here is good and comforting. We hate calling this Turkish pizza, but we’re not sure how else to explain it.  Pide are made using a freshly made, enriched dough and shaped like a boat before being stuffed with plenty of cheese and a cracked egg. No sauce, no fuss. The Turkish “usta”s (aka pide masters) in the kitchen have been trained on various dietary requirements and a vegan pide option is available.


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Lunch, Dinner
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Family, Friends, Big Group
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South London
Middle Eastern
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If you are student living in the area, this place is set to become your mecca.