Eating for You And for The Planet: A Weekend of Food Energetics

As we grow more health conscious, we are taking a closer look at the impact that our food and food choices have on the environment. Whatever your dietary choices, vegan, veggie or flexitarian--we all grapple with the questions, ‘Do I  buy organic? Local? In season?’ While there is no easy answer, we’re most often thinking about our own health when we make these decisions. And we (meaning us too) need to get better at thinking about what is better not only for our health, but also the health of the planet.


Photo Credit: Thomas Broadhead


Essentially, the size of our ecological footprint has grown so rapidly over the last few decades that we’re impacting the structure and function of natural systems, including that of the food system, which has implications for health and  food security. So to help us make better and more informed decisions about our health and that of the planet, we’ve signed up to attend a weekend workshop called Food Energetics, Human and Planetary Ecology on March 23rd and 24th at the beautifully serene OmVed Gardens in Highgate.


Photo Credit: Thomas Broadhead


The weekend is designed to help us learn more about eating to best support our health and our body’s nutritional needs, and doing this whilst considering the planetary impact. Food Energetics practitioner Lori Hillman will be running the weekend sessions, providing info on the basic principles of food energetics, a practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine focused on using food to provide body balance and better health, and combining this with mindfulness techniques; teaching us how to have a better connection with food and understanding our emotional connections to what and why we eat.


Over the course of the weekend we’ll also explore the links between personal health and the health of the planet--from the soil in which our food is grown, to the use of pesticides and acknowledging the natural growing cycles and seasons. And there will be food! The weekend’s menu is curated and cooked by Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson and his team to illustrate how to eat for planetary health. While this weekend is designed to be an introduction to the process of creating a better food system and better balanced diet, we’re looking forward to starting the process.


Photo: Thomas Broadhead


There are places still available for the weekend session as well as spaces on Lori’s in-depth 6 weekend intensive course starting in April also at OmVed. For more information and to sign up head to Lori’s website or OmVed's website.