Essential Cookware for a Vegetarian Kitchen

An essential step to healthier, more planet-friendly diet as home chefs is investing in quality cookware. That might mean switching to a really great non-stick pan, splurging on a best-in-class saucepan set, or spoiling yourself with a designer casserole.

Upgrading your cookware can feel like a graduation from the realm of amateur cooking to sautéing, braising, grilling and beyond. Once you are on that journey, you realize the options are limitless.

When you're buying cookware, try to choose items made from materials like stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron or earthenware. Cast iron and stainless steel are generally okay, though they can release iron and nickel into your food, so it's generally a good idea to stick to other materials for long-simmering dishes. There are two materials you should avoid, aluminum and teflon.

As a start, we provide you with a list of planet-friendly, non-toxic brands that will do a great job meeting all your cooking needs.


Scanpan Fusion 5 Stainless Steel Saucepan Set

Danish firm Scanpan designs and manufactures pans and pots from 100% recycled aluminium at their production site in Denmark. Aluminum core runs all the way from the base and along the sides maximizes the heat utilization, reducing preparation time to a minimum. Ultimately, this means saving energy. Clean lines and the steel coating makes this stylish set a solid eco-friendly option for your green kitchen.  Be aware, stainless steel can leach nickel into your food particularly when you are simmering acidic food (like tomatoes).


Crane’s cast iron griddle pan

Investing into a good quality cast iron - if you take good care of it - is a life-long commitment. A cast iron grill is perfect for sauteing vegetables as it is a great conductor of heat and provides beautiful char marks. We are quite fond of the elegant looking black-enamelled griddle pan by British brand, Crane. They are long lasting, environmentally friendly and, should the need arise, 100% recyclable.


Greenpan’s healthy non-stick frying pan

Greenpan, Belgian inventors of healthy ceramic non-stick cookware is the trusted for toxic-free, easy to clean and easy to use pots and pans. Their non-stick coating called Thermolon™ is made entirely from natural material and conducts heat beautifully. This patented material allows you to use less oil while still achieving excellent frying results. It is so easy to clean, your scrubbing days will be over.


Sambonet’s Terra.Cotto earthenware casserole

Inspired by the Mediterrenean tradition of cooking with terracotta, these design-awarded pots by Sambonet allow for even heat distribution while promoting healthy flavours and environment-friendly cooking. Terracotta, which in Italian means “baked earth,” is perfect for simmering and slow cooking. All nutrients and flavors remain preserved inside the pot, making an excellent foundation for a great plant-based dish. The downside of terracotta is its sensitivity to sudden temperature change.