Product of The Week: Fix8 Kombucha

The lesser or perhaps better known campaign this January, depending on your circles, is Dry January, and for many it is in full force. With both livers and purses in need a break from alcohol, many people are looking for fun, delicious alternatives to take round to friends or to enjoy at home on the sofa instead of a the usual glass of wine or beer.  We’ve been closely following the journey of SE London-brewed kombucha brand, Fix8 Kombucha since its early days and are excited to see it rolling out across the City. Fix8’s mission is to craft quality kombucha with substance, think sophisticated flavours, medicinal level herbs and a host of health benefits. Fix8 was founded by university graduate Freya Twigden after discovering kombucha as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine studies whilst living in Shanghai. Dissatisfied with London’s offerings, she turned her parents central London flat into a kombucha microbrewery before launching Fix8 in September last year and relocating to South London. Fix8 is available in 3 flavours in bottle and on tap: Triple Ginger, Strawberry Tulsi (holy basil) and Citrus Saffron