Future of Farming: Lokal - Space 10

If you are not already following, we strongly recommend sustainability focused SPACE10 for some future optimism. This is Ikea’s external think tank, a future-living lab on a mission to design better and more sustainable living.


Photo by: Space10


During last year’s London Design Festival, they created “Lokal”, a hydroponics farming technique, showcasing a sustainable alternative to the traditional agriculture. In their version, there are no chemicals involved in the process and the result is 90% less water consumption than traditional farming. It also takes a lot less land to grow, as the greens are stacked in shelves. Their display showed ways of preserving food and served around 2,000 salads with the nutrient and delicious greens, right where it’s grown. When we visited, it was almost time to call it a day at Protein Studios in Shoreditch, east London, but still a handful of people were conversing with Space10’s Director of Communications Simon Caspersen. Everyone in the room shared the same astonishment. Did you know it takes roughly 2400lt of water to produce one cheeseburger? When there is still vast hunger and when our drastic impact on the environment can no longer be denied, sustainable food production should be a necessity rather than an alternative. Congratulations to Space10 for this thought provoking, mind-shifting exhibition and support for more sustainable food production.