How to Green Your Kitchen?

Kitchen is the heart of our home and also is where most of the bad choices happen. Food waste, and waste related to our kitchens are ridiculous portion of our waste stream and is a huge burden on the planet.  Climate change is not our fault, but our choices can make a difference. These are simple steps to lighten your refrigerator’s impact on your wallet - and the environment.


Get Your Vegetables Direct from The Farm

One of the longest running veg box suppliers (they’ve been going since 1993) and over 72% of produce is British grown and is 100% organic. Riverford also have a 100% UK box, which means that customers will get a better sense of what is in season and homegrown. For a medium box that feeds 2-3 people with 8 varieties (including onions and potatoes), expect to pay £14.85. We like the variety on offer, that all fruit & veg is organic, that their veg boxes use 82% less packaging when compared to supermarkets. Much of their reduction in plastic waste has come from the decision to remove the plastic packaging from cucumbers (#freethecuc).




If you are not a keen chef at home and can’t be bothered with the mess or feel like you are unsure of what to cook and stuff you buy from farmer’s market always end up in the trash, Allplants ready meal delivery service might come to rescue. They deliver chef prepared, totally delicious, perfectly proportioned plant-based meals ready for you to enjoy. They make it quick a simple to eat more veggies. Wish they were around when we were new to plant based diet.




Waste is for tossers, we know. It is only logical now that you are thinking about what to do with all that food scraps. Where does the food waste go if it isn’t composted? In a plastic bin bag, in most cases. You can reduce landfill waste and greenhouse gases with a clean, fast and odourless alternative to simply binning uneaten food by using a kitchen food composter. There are now high tech versions available for indoor use like Food Cycler but watch out for the electricity it uses. Still, worth the investment.


Quality Old School Cookware

You have now dealt with the concern over plastics, reduced the amount of food you throw away and making meaningful progress towards a more natural lifestyle. Next is to think about what sort of pots and pans will do justice to your farm fresh vegetables? The answer is easy: anything but TEFLON. We are a huge fan of Le Creuset shallow casserole for our veggies. They are colourful, versatile and literally lasts a lifetime.

Le Creuset