Product of the Week: Land & Tide Vegan Iced Coffees

In 2019 you’d be hard-pressed, particularly in London, to find a coffee shop that didn’t offer plant-based milk. But it’s a very different story if you’re staring into the drinks chiller at your local supermarket looking for a grab-n-go iced coffee. We’ve recently discovered Land & Tide who spotted the gap in the market and now make delicious ready to drink cold-brewed vegan iced coffees. Their coffees are 100% vegan, dairy free, soya free, nut free, GMO free, have no artificial ingredients and there’s no added sugar, all of which we love. We  also loved the creaminess of the oat milk and how it pairs with the coffee to create a delicious mouth-feel that makes you want to slurp it down in one go. We also love that that the female founded, family run company has invested in making their product sustainable; it’s all made in the UK with sustainable, recyclable packaging and not a plastic straws in sight. The coffees come in two flavours: Oat Iced Coffee and Oat Iced Mocha.