Loam Feast featuring TA TA Eatery - A Vegetarian Festive Feast

If there is one pop-up that deserves a permanent site, its Loam. Inspired by childhood memories of eating together at the big family table, Loam collaborates with London’s notable chefs to bring you unique and varied interpretations of vegetarian fine dining.



On a cold December evening we head to West London for a vegetarian festive feast featuring the talented team from TA TA Eatery. The setting is utterly magical, cocktails are served by Sacred Gin, and we enjoy the company of strangers on either side.


We love the communal dining, we really do. After all, food brings people together. Our immediate neighbours include an instagram influencer, a food critic, and a meat-eater enjoy the meal with his vegan companion. You get the picture.


Our tasting menu was a medley of roasted vegetables served with a combination of vibrant and creative sauces. Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts with spiced mayo was the absolute hit. Organizers cheerfully claim this dish turned quite a few sprout haters into converts. Indeed, there is nothing better than seeing an underrated vegetable get the love it deserves! The dusting of crunchy shallots was a nice finishing touch. Jerusalem artichoke was roasted to delicious and creamy perfection. The celeriac was nicely assembled with a pungent green creamy sauce. Some might find it too overwhelming but we like our veggies with a kick. For the recipe from TA TA Eatery, visit Loam’s website. Sadly, it is not vegan. We will make sure to cover Loam’s next feast.