Product of the Week: London Borough of Jam

The charming Lillie opened her shop in Clapton in 2013 and is now selling worldwide. LBJ preserves are made in small batches, and cooked for a shorter time than generic brands, producing an honest, unadulterated flavour. We love that the delicious sweetness comes from the fruit rather than sugar.



Lillie uses natural, unrefined sugars and no commercial pectins. 100% Vegan that is. If you visit LBJ on a Sundays you not only get a taste of the marvelous combination of seasonal fruits with unusual additions, but you’ll get to meet a delightful person too. That’s what we call jam with a personality! Whether on toast or on yoghurt, “Fig & earl gray” has long been a staple of our breakfast table making our sundays infinitely better. It also makes a great gift. This shop is everything we would imagine our kitchen to be.