London's Top 5 Vegan Pizzas

How many times have we eaten a meal out and felt “I could have made this better at home”? You know what we are talking about. One exception, though, is making pizza. Yes, it is easy to get very creative with the toppings, and no – there is absolutely no need for vegan cheese to be involved. Our perfect pizza is simple; all you need is a damn good tomato sauce and it really is all about that base! Until we master our sourdough skills and are able to afford a house with a pizza oven in it, we present to you London’s best vegan pizza places...


Sodo Pizza

For sourdough in London, it’s Sodo. The dough is fermented for 48 hours then baked at over 450°C to make it super light and so much more than just a pizza. Sodo also gives you options, offering a vegan pizza as well as a gluten free base. 



100% Italian and 100% vegan, award-winning pizzas from PickyWops are now moving to a permanent location in Brixton. The Italian founders use only whole grain flour but make 5 different base choices. Opt for the Kamut, which is a great example of one of the grains from the Middle Eastern tradition. There is plenty of variety, topped with homemade vegan cheese. 


Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Cafe describe themselves as holistic and curious, mouth-watering and fulfilling. Their second location on fancy Upper Street features gluten-free wood fired pizzas which is a nice addition to their otherwise raw food focused being. Pizza from one of London’s most adventurous raw vegan establishment secures its place on our Top 5.


Franco Manca

The irresistible rise of this hugely successful sourdough pizza chain Franco Manca can be put down to a consistent recipe of good vibe venues, on the right side of cool, offering really rather tasty pizzas. Choose simple tomato and basil pizza and add toppings of your choice. And the toppings are where these guys differentiate themselves


Pizza Express

Appealing to both mindful eaters and the health conscious, it’s one of the first chains to offer a dedicated vegan pizza. There’s also gluten free base or vegan mozzarella alternative if you prefer to create your own. You can find a Pizza Express on most high streets, making vegan pizza super accessible, and it provides a good alternative for a work lunch and is also child-friendly.