A visit to Nama Yasai Farm in East Sussex

Would you like a little break from your city routine? Tired of sitting at your desk or in need of some exercise outside of a Gym? A day (or more) in a farm just an hour outside of London might be exactly what you need. Nama Yasai Farm grows English and Japanese Vegetables in East Sussex using Natural Agriculture techniques respecting nature as well as for a boost in nutrition andflavour. The farm supplies from edamame to yuzu, artichokes to wild carrots to restaurants in London including many of our favourites such as Rovi and the Cub.



Pioneers of agroforestry, owners of the farm, Robin and Ikuko, are inviting Londoners to spend the day at their farm. You can visit for a day or two to feel the soil in your hands and, in exchange, take a box of vegetables home or cook right there on an open fire. There is a big range of work you can help with. Its a good chance to learn about variety of weird Japanese ingredients while observing the nature.



If getting out of London is too cumbersome for you, Nama Yasai farm delivers a weekly Japanese Vegetables box for home use to a number of collection points within London at a price of $12. We will share what came with our box and what we cooked with it in future posts.