Product of the Week: Native Popped Lotus Seeds

Stocking up on train snacks is a must before embarking on intercity rail travel. We regularly have flashbacks to being trapped and ravenous on a broken down train halfway to York, so now we travel prepared. Last week before our train journey we popped into Sourced Market in St Pancras, our regular for pre-travel healthy snacks. There we spotted the newly launched Native Popped Lotus Seeds and decided we need to buy three bags. After all, they come in three different flavours. We weren’t sure what to expect, having never seen a lotus seed, but were pleasantly surprised. The popped seeds were light, but not too airy, packed a good crunch, whilst not being greasy and were mooreish with a slightly umami flavour. We enjoyed sampling all three bags, but the Pink Salt & Black Pepper were our favourite, with the Cheezy a close second as we really like the Marmite-y humm of the nutritional yeast. Whilst the Jalapeňo & Kaffir Lime was third fave, we still enjoyed them and were fans of the citrusy kick. And we didn’t make *that* many crumbs. Wrappers aside there was little evidence of our train snack gluttony. Snacking aside, we wanted to know more about lotus seeds and the company who makes them. Native Snacks was born out of a love for travel, food and snacking. The company source their lotus seeds from India and as a seed they are harvested from the seed head of a lotus flower. Lotus seeds are relatively high in protein and packed with B vitamins and the snacks are vegan friendly, gluten free, sugar free and a good source of fibre. Native also donates 1p of every pack sold to their partner charity, The Bihar Development Foundation UK, who will run health and education camps for farmers in Bihar. Native has just launched their snacks at Sourced Market and will roll out to retail throughout the year. Native's range of Popped Lotus Seeds are also available through Amazon. And they make perfect for pretty delicious mess-free train snacks.