Product of the Week: Nix & Kix Soft Drinks

With more alcohol-free beverages coming to market as a result in the boom in sober and sober-curious folk, it’s no longer hard to find a decent alcohol-free option. So if you’re not drinking, there’s no need to sulk in the corner over a juice, or feel left out over a glass of water or stomach another sickly fizzy drink. In our quest for delicious alcohol free options, we found Nix and Kix, a caffeine-free, sugar-free, grown up soft drink with a kick, courtesy of cayenne pepper.

Capsaicin (the hot bit) in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties. Even better though: It also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling. The drinks also happen to be vegan and sold in completely recyclable cans or bottles. Founders, Julia and Kerstin, set out to bring a bit of imagination and their favourite ingredient from their travels (chillies) to give soft drinks a bit of a makeover.

We only tried the Cucumber Mint and Mango Ginger, both of which were refreshing, fizzy, subtly sweet and basically delicious. We enjoyed the mild after heat of the chilli and we found this to be more intense in the Mango Ginger. Other flavours (we can’t wait to try the rest) include Blood Orange Turmeric and Peach Vanilla. To get your hands on these, and we recommend that you do, check their website for details.