We started as a group of friends who were on a road trip and found it extremely difficult to find a place to stop for a bite. It was there and then we asked why it had to be so difficult to find decent vegetarian food nearby. That day, we shared a plate of cucumbers and boiled potatoes.

We thought how great it would be if someone suggested plant-based choices in any restaurant to make eating out hassle-free for vegetarians.

How many times in London have we gone for a nice dinner with friends and found ourselves stuck with a boring pasta? Don’t get us wrong, we love Italian food – in fact all things Mediterranean, but we also like trying new things. Oh by the way, why does it seem to be compulsory for vegetarian options to be all about egg or cheese? We believe if the industry people realized how much demand there is for more plant-forward eating they would also get a bit creative about it, pushing the boundaries a little further…

There are around 17,000 restaurants in London, probably all of them offering at least one vegetarian or vegan choice on their menu. In London, there also are 66 restaurants with Michelin stars. Needless to say, it is not always the same ground-breaking experience for a vegetarian to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant. So here we are – 5 friends working around the idea of reviewing the places we visit based on their plant-based options, taste and quality. We value our diverse backgrounds coming from business, technology, design and arts. We believe by promoting a healthy and conscious life style we may have a positive social impact.

We are here to help!