Veggie Option is a restaurant review and sustainable living website providing honest reviews by vegetarians.

Our mission is simple: We had enough mushroom risotto or avocado on toast and wanted something different. We want to be a platform for where to find good food, but also to open the conversation about food doing good.

The idea was born whilst on a road trip and when we found it extremely difficult to find places to eat on our travels. Between Happy Cow and Trip Advisor we felt we were missing the real experience. We thought, ‘Why is it so difficult to find good vegetarian options?’ nearby. That day, we shared a plate of cucumbers and boiled potatoes. Then, we thought how great it would be if someone suggested where to go for plant-based options in restaurants, any restaurant, not just those that were overtly vegetarian or vegan. Surely that would help make eating out a bit less of a hassle? In London alone, there are about 17,000 restaurants and it is likely that most, if not all of them offer at least one vegetarian or vegan menu option. We decided to work our way through these restaurants and see what was on offer and see whether they are any good.

How does our rating work?

From intimate cafes to fine dining, we visit any restaurant and provide reviews from a plant-based perspective. We rate restaurants for the quality of their plant-based options, knowledge of the staff in terms of various dietary requirements, as well as, their sustainability ethos.

We do not get paid by the restaurants, so it is an honest review of our experience.

Hope you enjoy,

Deniz Harut, Founder