Product of The Week: Plantifull 100% Plant-based Ready Meals

Taking a break from cooking after the holidays and are too cold to eat salad, but can’t afford to eat out? Hopefully it’s not just us. But if you are in the same boat and like us also usually avoid ready meals because the list of preservatives and additives is loooong, then Plantifull’s new 100% plant-based, additive and preservative-free ready meals are worth checking out. Choose from their Creamy Mac with Spinach and Tomatoes, Creamy Mac with Peas (gluten-free) or one their ‘5-a-day’ pots in Asian Teriyaki or Coronation Chickpea. You can find their chilled ready meals in over 50 stores, including Planet Organic and As Nature Intended.  Becca and Adam, the plant-powered couple behind Plantifull have kindly given us a 10%  discount code to pass on to you when ordering directly from their website (use VO10). And if you’re trying out Veganuary, this is perfect one for stockpiling in the fridge so you’re sorted when in sudden panic you realise that you NEED a mac-n-cheese fix and remember that you’ve gone vegan!