Product of the Week: All Plants

We have written in the past veg box schemes delivering farm-fresh vegetables to your door. These schemes are great way to get introduced to a variety of vegetables and plants that are grown in this country, come fresh and there is less waste as food travels less. The delivery we get weekly has compelled us to creativity in the kitchen. 

But what if you are feeling lazy for cooking lately or bored of cooking the same dish over and over again? Why not try @allplants who deliver totally plant-based meals, prepared by chefs, across the UK that are ready to enjoy on your schedule. Totally delicious, perfectly portioned and healthy. 




Set up by brothers Alex and Jonathan (JP) Petrides in 2016. The entrepreneurs aim to ‘take plant-based eating mainstream, helping the UK lead healthier, more sustainable lives with no compromise on their delicious, feel good food’. 

They are on a mission to help people and planet thrive. Intrigued?  Either as a one-off or on a subscription basis, here you can get access to healthy, chef-made, vegan meals, for you to reheat at home. Use the code VEGGIEOPTION to get 15% discount.